Online Business – 3 Steps to repeat for Success

Dear Online Business Owner,
Welcome to online business. By now you must have found that how deep and vast this digital world is. Do not get overwhelmed by the information overloading on you. Relax.
Because I will be show you exactly what you NEED to do to be successful in your online business.
You need three things:
First you need to know what you are heading for.
Then you need to get the right tools.
And finally, you execute your plan.
By doing this, you can be successful.
Focus on your business, once you start your business, you will see many other opportunities offering quick success or easy money making products, things like that, do not get distracted by ‘easy come’ things. Because what is easy does not last. IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. And if easy opportunity can make you rich, then everyone would be rich? FOCUS on your goals!
Tools, that you need to keep watch on your stats and more. The most basic tools that you should have are:-
Let me explain what these are:
Tracking, you need to track your leads, where they are coming from.
Lead Capture, you need to capture your leads details, such as email. So you can communicate with them if they left your offer without looking into the value it have.
Autoresponder, to send newsletter or your interesting offer/ free products or discount (something of value) to people that were interested to know what you have for them and gave you their email, although they left without obtaining what you were offering.
Execution, is when you know your plan is set and your materials and tools are in place, that is when you will execute your plan. Then people will get to know your value product and want to buy it.
During this process, you need to have a positive mindset. You should believe in yourself and what you offer. People can sense it, if they see you are weak, they wouldn’t bother to look into what you have to offer. Build your confidence, keep yourself motivated, and believe in your offer, that it is most unique and best thing that the world is looking for.
If you have that confidence, then most the work is done. Be consistent, keep taking action, be persistent, keep enhancing your knowledge and using new ways to offer your opportunity or products.
This is the simplest way I can put what is required to do by online business owners.
Thank you for reading. I hope that this post has provided you with value.
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Hazel Al

All We Need Is Happiness

Are you with me?
I believe happiness is all we need. And happiness can be something as simple as watching your children at home playing board game together, or walking in garden, feeling air touching your face. It is something to be grateful for.
Like that smile on the child’s face when he sees his mother. That is happiness. The feeling of being cared for, protection, comfort…
I remember, looking at my 5 years bank statements. I have been paying my monthly installments (approx $2000/- per month) since 5 years, and counting remaining months that I have to pay. I wanted my installments get paid quickly and be free forever! I paid my monthly installments always on time. My bank marked me as privileged customer, eligible for life time credit card and other luxurious products, that I never really cared to register for, I just wanted to be free! The day I paid off the full loan, I was so super happy! I was relieved. That was a great form of happiness for me. I could spend now more on myself…and family…what a joy.
Enjoy the beautiful simple forms of happiness.
It is there, always with us.

Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson

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Website or Blog – Improve your Site Ranking

Are you providing value to your readers?
If you want loyal people to read your post or buy your products then you have to provide them value in exchange. That’s that deal!
But what happens if you have value and no one really knows? Your product is worth nothing! No one knows your product, then your product is non – existent.
There are many ways to get your product known, and I know you are always looking better way to get your product known to as many people as you could. Yes, to know more, one will learn more, that is why I would like to share with you this amazing article, that will explain everything (in simple words) you want to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
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Similarly, you can too get your posts promoting your business get recognized through SEO.
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Look for your Mentor – To be successful in your online business!

Good morning world,
Online business world never sleeps! What have you been doing to earn while you sleep?
It was great to see income pouring in while I slept, and in morning I’m eager to see my clickbank account show my earnings! It wasn’t easy, but believe me, it wasn’t rocket science or impossible! Everything is possible, IF you have time to invest, will to succeed!
I have invested 25K $ and hundreds of hours to obtain my certificates in HR. I feel honored to be certified HR professional, however, these certificates sits now in the shelf of my home office. They didn’t serve because there are no jobs available in the corporate market! That’s what the job agencies said.

So, before I could invest more $$ to get a great job, why not invest in trainings that teaches me to be independent! I chased a mentor, a successful online business entrepreneur, a mentor and a very kind lady! She helped me invest rightly in system that works for her, it works now for me amazingly!

Love for Technology

 Thank you for visiting my blog!   I promise I will be posting a lot about  products that are used by successful online business owners.

This afternoon while I was driving back to home  I told to my sister who was sitting next to me that I have started to earn residual income through my online business,  and she replied back to me that I am good with technology that’s why I will make good earnings. Although I know that it is the reality that every online business Entrepreneur should have tec skills to connect the dots and activate the whole system,  and watch as it pays back.
Believe me this is not rocket science this is very simple things that anyone can learn. Only that we have to evolve while world around us evolves.
Let’s take the example of 2002, in this year I used to build the HTML websites, flash animations and fan pages. Who on earth knows the Flash Players now! Well webmasters knows! I had a subscription page, where people subscribed to get updates on my anime fan page! People are making money selling their lists these days!
However, in 2005, I had to distance myself from the online world. This was because life was on a 360 degree turn, I was going through personal issues and separation!
And then when I got back to the world of www in 2008 things were totally changed! In just short time! Internet was no longer the same, and I met with Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, nothing was so html anymore.
But one thing I knew, that now there is a lot to learn, perhaps just by using it. In fact, at that time, I still did not have interest in creating something, all I wanted to explore the new things.
At this point of life, I believe that everyone should take advantage of internet, because this is the future of most businesses (traditional or online) all must use the eCommerce platform.
Furthermore, one important thing that I would love to speak about and share a lot of things about personal development, it is very important for every person to develop their thoughts and skills and continue to do so.
There were times when I thought I have enough information, but information itself is not enough, one should be knowledgeable and most importantly aware of himself what he lacks and fill those gaps.
Seek for great things around you and you WILL find everything that’s good for you.
Since I realize that there are many new things yet to be discovered to add up to my knowledge, in some spots, I have opened up my mind to find them, use them, and get value out of them.
This is what it is all about.
I am sharing a wonderful quote with you here:-
“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor E Frankl
I never knew what it meant till it happen to me. My situation wasn’t changing, that’s when I realize there is an action required to trigger change.
Always know that when everything seem to shut down for you, there is something great coming your way!
So never shut yourself down, especially when you feel down or it feels like end of the world, keep faith, and move forward, SEEK, there are solutions waiting to be embraced by you.
Enjoy and relax!