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What are keyswords?
The words that you type in the search bar to find information about are the keywords.

Why are they important?
It is important because if the right keywords (based on the company niche) are put in the content, it can attract the viewers looking for the information to find you.
This way, the online traffic to the website/blog or product increases.
If you are a home based online marketer and looking to boost your website ranking and business, then you should craft the power of keywords, because it all omes down to content of the site, that gets the clicks.
Below are the links of companies that are having keyword and niche finder tools. You may find this fasinating because they tools will give you the ideas how you can use and enhance your content and get triple or more the traffic that you used to have on your website!

Take advantage of these free tools and gain more knowledge on how you can enhance your site and generate more traffic.

Online Presence – Why does it matter?

It all starts with a purpose. Here we are talking about your brand, that is about to go live.
We can’t expect that the brand name become big overnight, that’s not how anyone big became big, this starts will little steady baby steps.
So, once the brand is ready, it should be publish on dedicated and professional looking websites, make sure that the profile is clear and complete. Create a YouTube channel. Post valuable content, pictures and videos regularly about the products / brand on social networks (twitter / instagram / facebook / printerest / tumblr / linkedin, these are the most common social networks names)
So now you must be thinking what it got to do with online presence? A Lot!
What is Online Presence?
Online presence is the presence that can be found online. For example, if we type “Lux Solo Ads” (this is name of my traffic business), and guess what? First three results on that showed up in 0.22 seconds, directs to my business, through:-

  1. Website
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Pinterest Posts

Isn’t that good! This simply means that when my audience wants to find my business page on www, they can find it in less than half second. This is the power of online presence.
Why does it matter?
Online presence is important for the brand to be known online, without it the products become stale. The whole purpose of creating a brand or a product is to sell it (which is why a product is created on the first place) to sell it or to spread it. That is why online presence help people find your product first when they search for it on www. Just like the example above.
How to create online presence?

  • Online presence can be created in easy steps:-
  • Create a professional website. Create a clear profile and give information about the product/s.
  • Create social media accounts to connect with your audiences.
  • Share value with your audiences through, pictures, videos and valuable content.
  • Use #hashtags for reference. Like and follow other successful people on social media sites.

Doing all the above with consistency will grow your audiences and flourish your business with time.
Hope this short and simple post provided value.
Please also take a look at this post about Social Media Etiquette. 

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Step by Step Tutorial – DIY – How to SEO Your Website

Back then in 1996, there wasn’t treasure of information available on internet, internet was still a baby, but what we found on internet during those days, was genuine and things that really worked!
These days you have oceans of information on internet, too much information can cause confusion, but everything is there, with refined searches.
The reason why I am writing about SEO is because it plays a major role for our content to be found on internet information ocean, and here I am posting an amazing step-by-step tutorial (real time).
Try it by clicking here now!
*Note that this tutorial is in dept, you will learn seo, keyword researching, meta tags and  lot more.

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Virtual Private Servers – VPS (Cloud)

If you are wondering what VPS is and why you may need it, then let me tell you, most small internet business owners use cloud VPS services to grow their business and audience.
And you may need it too if you are planning to expand your business at greater scale.
The Number One reason why I use Cloud VPS is obviously because of accessibility. By using VPS, my data files which I choose to keep on my private server become available to me from anywhere in the world. For accessibility, VPS is ideal to access private space.
And my second reason to use VPS is to keep the programs running 24/7, speed connection, to handle online traffic and the automation programs (followlikers) and hosting.
For me, these are the two major reason why I use cloud VPS.
Let me share here some information about VPS, to understand how it works and more reasons why you should be needing it.
If you are planning to try VPS, then take a look at Cloud VPS, that I am using and I highly recommend it, because if it’s efficiency for a  reasonable fee.
The users in BlackHatWorld (online marketers forum) have highly recommended Cloud VPS, for automation programs such as Followlikers and TrafficTravis, Black hat world is the place where I search for powerful marketing products because they are recommended by online marketers that have been in the industry for longer time and have tried and tested the products before recommending them.
This is where my searches end for online marketing products I’m looking for.

Buying a domain is as easy as 1-2-3

SEO – Fresh Website, Fresh Content

Search Engine Optimization
We talked about why you should be optimizing your website, and once this is done, what are the other things to maintain its ranking?
When it comes to raking there are a lot of things that can be done, like keywords, which I will talk about in coming posts, which is also an essential routine to get your website appear in searches, not just ranking, but the keywords are responsible to make your website site content searchable.
The other things you need to do is updating your website and its content for ” keeping it fresh”.
It is important that the website is updated and optimized every once in 3 months (quarterly) so it does not get lost in oblivion. Who else can care to look at it is the owner does not. So keep adding valuable content to it and analyze its health.
To analyze the health of your website and SEO, you may use my top 2 favorite tools that I highly recommend.

Both sites provide free analysis report, they do have professional service, in depth analysis and other powerful tools. I am linking this to a post by SEO SiteCheckup, to understand why refreshing website is important for ranking. Hope you find this valuable.

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Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing? I simple say, it is a super power!
If you know how to use use the power of attraction marketing, then  have got the ultimate power to concur any marketing guru on the WWW.
There was time when I under estimated the power of attraction marketing. After starting a new project, in which I did not see much return in the first month, I decided to record a video and add it to my funnel. It was my first ever video, since I started using computers! That is true, I never ever did a video before. But then, the moment I uploaded it on my funnel, something magical happened. I woke up to hundred of new subscribers!
That is what most of us marketers want, audience that takes action.
Attraction marketing, is not just a video of you, its a bonding between you and your audiences. You build trust through it.
🙂 I am sharing a few tips by
I like the tips that she had shared is because, they are straight to the point, important, few and simple that anyone can follow!

Dolores O'Riodan Pass Away- The Cranberries

With very heavy heart I am making this post at 3AM, after listening the sad news of Dolores’s passing away.
Her music has been great part of my childhood days, I have grew listening to her and today it feels so sad that she has suddenly pass away at such a young age.
I’m greatly missing her. Miss you Dolores, you will always be in my prayers.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The reason why I optimize my websites and update it on regular basis is to rank high in the search engines. My first website that I created in 1999 still shows in search, the only best reason behind that is the seo. Ever since I have started using internet back in 90s, seo already existed during that time.
I highly recommend reading the article in the below link related to SEO and know how you can optimize your website to show in the top search engines results.

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5 Top Tips for Email Marketing – It’s All About Timing

You should be taking advantage of the information that is available on WWW! Just like me, I always LOVE to look for answers from the people who have tired everything possible to be successful.
Their strategy has worked, that’s why they are where they are. And when they share their tips, it means you get part of their valuable asset.
Lets get straight to the point:-
I have always wanted to know the best time for email open rate. And here are straightforward few simple tips when to send out emails that get high open rate.
Check it out!
5 Top Tips for Email Marketing – It’s All About Timing