Law Of Attraction

He drives Maserati and Ferrari, and owns two companies located in the prestigious areas of Dubai. I did not know anything about him when I added him to my Facebook friend list, in 2007!
Yes, 10 years ago, my life was on stand still. And I will tell you how just one moment can change everything around you and about you, just like it did for me.
Maj and I become good friends, I never met him, but he was always around on phone and texted me despite him being busy with his never ending meetings and traveling.
One lazy evening, he texted me “Hazel, have you read the book called “The Secret“.
I said I haven’t. So he joked and said he will send a copy delivered to me.
I promised him I will get one from the store and thanked him..
During our conversations, I mentioned that I read many books, classic and fictions. He said this is not an ordinary book “it is something that will change your way of thinking and then you will change your life”. I smiled on his text and thought “nothing wrong with my thinking or life”.
Many months passed, and years. I became busy, and I have almost never checked my Facebook account. In fact I was so overwhelmed with my life that I lost so much peace trying to find peace.
Then one day in 2016, I was at a bookshop in Al Ghurair Center, looking for something to read, in fact I was looking for something to keep up my moral, because I was suffering from the sick atmosphere the manager at work has created. My eyes fell on a carton with many red covered books, and they were on SALE! That red cover book was “The Secret“.
Suddenly I remembered, Maj, and I remembered everything else in those days, 10 years ago. And immediately I picked the book up (almost forgetting why I was in the store originally for.
Then I read this magical book! And I was amazed, how things could get better for me if I read it then.
It was life changing moment for me. I have been missing a lot in my life. And suddenly I realize why I was suffering with the manager at work (lol).
Everything from past flashed in front of my eyes, nothing was going well in my life, and I have been complaining about my life and everything else. I lost people around me because of this in past years.
I worked on thoughts, I changed the way I was thinking. And things got better. In fact, in matter of month, I bought a new car by paying cash, I was promoted at work and many gifts were sent to me on my birthday, when I thought everyone forgot me!
This is the reason why I really recommend everyone read this book, to get to know how Law of Attraction works and how it can change their life. And then practice it, master it!
And without any much hard work, everything they want will come to them easily.
I would like you to watch “The Secret“.
And share it with others.