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Facebook Profile – Create Neat and Professional Facebook Profile in 3 Minutes

Create Neat Facebook Profile in 3 Minutes

I decided to do a short video, less than 3 minutes, in 3 simple steps, showing how to create a neat and professional Facebook profile in just 3 minutes!

Online entrepreneur portfolio on Facebook!

Facebook :

  1. Have a profile picture

Take a nice picture, with nice smile

WHY: because people can see you and make mind to connect with you.

  • Write BIO section

2- Have a nicely written BIO section (check others and write yours using keywords)

WHY: Because people can trust you, know what you do, and connect with you immediately.

  • Post regularly

3- Post on Facebook regularly about things you do / your online journey / things you are passionate about.

WHY: People in the same stream will resonate, connect with you, engage with you and your products.

Avoid : Politic / religious / race discussions


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