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WHAT? It’s not the product that bring in most the money?

webcopy that sells

WHAT? It’s not the product that bring in most the money?

What’s does then??

 I know you too want to know, just like I DID!

AND I was surprised to find the ANSWER, and it was NOT what I was expecting!

Because WEBCOPY WRITING does bring in the money!

It was fortunately that day when my mother wanted to go to salon, and I knew the treatments would roughly take up to 2 hours.

So, instead of going back home and returning to pick her up, I decided to go to a nearby library, that was just 2 minutes away from the salon.

The lobby was spacious, and the reading area was full of readers with their laptops, papers and books in front of them.

I motivated myself to walk in the books isle and look for something to add in my internet marketing background, something that is related to marketing.

And my eye caught this unique looking title in the marketing section, called “Webcopy That Sells”!

WHY I recommend this book to anyone in online marketing!

This book was different from all the Sales Copy books that I have read.

Those books may have great pitching techniques but then, there is great difference between Salescopy or copywriting and a “Webcopy”.

Even the copywriting book that I purchased last month did not deliver much value.

Because it had in it high level of grammar and idioms, which actually confused me.

But  “Webcopy That Sells” by Maria Veloso, is different.

One little skill that I immediately applied was to grab readers attention by writing attractive headlines.

I assume you are a marketer, so I have to ask you this, have you tried to tell the prospects about the value your product will deliver?

Or have you asked your prospects the difference it will make in your business or life once the value this product deliver!

I never had the understanding of the difference the headlines make if written from the prospective of readers.

This is the most simplest things that is thought in the Webcopy book. And that is where the magic happens!

This is where things started to change for me.

Moment I started to apply webcopy writing, it is what made the sales coming for me!


So, it is the copywriting skills that brings most the money in!

My ability to write webcopy were built from this one book that I happen to read by chance.

Although this book’s first edition was release in beginning of 2000, but it still have that value that most copywriting books does not.

From the first day itself, I was able to change my writing 360 degrees. With such a confidence, that my webcopy is going to sell!

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