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IS IT difficult for you to write POST CONTENT?

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Know how you can become BEST CONTENT WRITER in just 5 minutes by following 3 simple steps!

Not only will you become a content writer, but also you will become the one of the best content writer in just 5 minutes!

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Step One:

Find a good subject and do your research on it before starting to put it down the paper.

·         A Subject

·         Research Work on the subject

This is where EVERY WRITER has been before!

A land of darkness, where creativity and imaginations disappears.

When we are pulled into the real world, we stop thinking beyond… only to limit our mind from what it is capable of.

Great people did great things because they were great thinkers and they were full of creativity, that they made things that they imagined to happen. We all know this, but still; we look for logic in everything, which on contrary only limits us.

If there is something you should not be doing, then that is to stop thinking that there are many great people posting great stuff and you may not be up to the mark.

Never ever discourage yourself.  Because these thoughts obstruct your potential of becoming greater than those you are comparing yourself to.

I had this problem too; yes, it’s called a problem, because every obstacle that we face is because we have limited ourselves from thinking beyond the line of reality!

When we pick the pen to write, we don’t need to think too hard about content, all you need is a big cup of coffee (if you like it like I do), a big bag of stars, and a big box of stardust! If you have those!

Not really, in “real” all you need is a subject and research work on the subject.

Step Two:-

·         Good Surrounding

This much is more than enough for you to create a groundbreaking post.

Doesn’t that sound simple? It really is more easier than this.

The 80% of the work is in the researching on the subject. Gathering information.

Now imagine, from one of your experiences on a certain subject you have great information on the this subject and there are lots of things that you want to say or express.

Think about it, how much time would you take to write it down?

Whatever the subject is, one of the most important thing is your surroundings.

Take a look around you, if your surrounding is clear and fresh, it will reflect in your writing.

For this reason it is important to have a clear and fresh or a designated place to work on your writing projects.

I always make sure the place is quiet and have some sunshine and  plants.

Home office can be designed that way or whichever place you use for your writing projects should have convenient surrounding and atmosphere.

Step Three:

·         Having a calm and relaxed state of mind

It really effects the writing if the mind is jammed and under stress. It is necessary to release all the thoughts and stresses away when you decide to work on creative writing.

Many writers meditate to clear their minds, so that they can think better and do better in everything.

Without shutting down the world, one can meditate a few minutes before writing to start with positive energy.

Similarly, it is really important to practicing reading too to write, when I read books, it helps me express things more clearly. And I love to read content from other writers, on related subjects, so I can have more ideas and express it being myself.

I have tested this and I have seen great difference in my writing.

It usually changes my style of writing depending on where I am, for example, Coffee Shop, Garden, Living room, home office.

And also choosing the best time for writing is just as important as the place we choose.

Whichever place one may choose, it should always align with the subject they choose to write about, because the mind brings out the feel in the content.


Knowing these three step, you will now be able to work on your post content with ease.

It has helped many people around the world to realize their writing potential, although most people have taken intense courses to practice and apply the steps.

Simply by following them one can do all the rest and become a better content writer.

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