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Webtalk - Review

WEBTALK is a NEW social platform, and they have announced that they are going to share 50% of their revenue with their first million subscribers!

  RJ Garbowicz is the co-founder of Webtalk. Formerly, RJ founded YourNight, which was acquired by ZingSocial in October 2010.

The platform is under beta testing and the full features on this platform will be available after the beta testing is completed.This platform has been 10 years in making and finally it is available for public. The owners of Webtalk announced that the people that have registered with the platform during the beta testing, they will be thank in a different way by giving these users opportunity to have 5 levels deep earnings (50% of the purchase income).

WEBTALK is free to join, but it allows registration through invite only, during the beta testing.

Webtalk is fastest growing social platform and they have grown from 0 to 200,000 users in just 90 days from the launch.

Webtalk Statistic Review


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