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3 Creative Ways to Rock Your Blog


3 Creative Ways to Rock Your Blog

Your blog has been set up and you have started spending hours writing valuable killer content, gathering reports and arranging and re-arranging the content.

You have published a couple of blog posts too but your work is not getting the return of value that was put in it.

In other words, your posts are not getting enough views.

In this scenario, there are just two options for a blogger to do:

1. Abandon the Blog

2. Look for creative ways to get noticed

Successful bloggers go for the option no. 2!

Successful people are aware that they can never grow if they keep abandoning things they have started.

They start with a purpose and they use their creative side as a blogger to get the attention that is required for a blog to get noticed.

But we all know, that it is a learning process, as we learn new and better things as we progress.

Blueprints on day one doesn’t make sense to a beginner, every beginner requires to experience the learning process, to go step by step and discover things on their own.

That way they learn and know importance of tools and tips.

If I was told to get the auto-response, landing pages and tracking, on the day one, I would be clueless.

The 3 Creative Ways

1. Google will show the daily trending topics, these trending topics get millions of hits while they are trending.

If you want to leech out views from the traffic going to the trending topics, then you have create a topic with trending keywords.

The only questions is, would it work with your niche? Keep in mind, famous things sells, regardless of their price tag.

So if you want to be known, then first, you have to take all the creative measures to get noticed.

2. Create an attention grabbing title, if you want to come up with one, think about what grabs your attending when you are looking for certain topics.

What would make you click? Type the keywords in the search, to see the creative topics that appears on the first page of the search engines.

From this you will have an idea of what the title should be worded with to get the attention of the viewers.

Image credit to its owner – find out more templates on their blog

3. Add a lot of value in the content, relevant to the niche.

What if the viewer clicks on your attractive title, but inside he finds uninteresting lengthy text?

You wouldn’t wish to go back to that post and read it either.

Provide value, this means you need to be thorough about the subject.

Open up to your viewers and share your tried and tested tips and tricks and back it up with data, if you have generated that yet.

If not, then you can look for the big data and create the statistics reports based on that.

This can be in form of images, it will be easy for the viewer to grasp.

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