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Start Your Own Blog From Scratch

Start a blog from scratch

First question to ask yourself, why do I want to start a blog?

Look for your passion, what is that you love doing?

If you know the answer to both of these questions, then the rest is easy. Because when you know your purpose, than just a need to start, then you have a solid ground to focus on.

The best things about blogging is:-

  • You will be blogging about things you are passionate about
  • You can write your blog posts from coffee shop, sipping your favorite coffee
  • You will bring out your creative side
  • Your blog will make you extra passive income (monetizing – we will cover this topic in next post)

Essential things to keep in mind when you start a blog, you will need tools to create your blog.

Create a neat blog

Think about your blog like a hotel room, if it is neat, looks great, has good services then you would wish to spend more time there, and keep coming. However, if it looks like a mess, does not have proper facilities then no one will visit or even think about it again.

So first things first, make your blog a livable place, I would recommend you to use WordPress
, as it is easy to use and have great blog themes to choose from. Also give your blog a unique, remember-able name. It is important to have a identity that it will be known for through out the successful journey. I have registered my domain and hosting for a very competitive price from NameCheap, you can check them out, or use the hosting services you are comfortable with.


Decide your niche, it should be aligned with your passions, suppose you are into healthy lifestyle niche, then you have to be specific, whether you are talking about eating habits or exercising, although they come under same category, but they are different from each other.

For example, if your visitor is looking for exercises to flatten the stomach in 2 weeks and instead finds post about Ginger Tea, to cut extra stomach fats in two weeks, this will disappoint the visitor.

Although, it is a great substitute to exercising, but most the time it is not what your visitor will expect.

So be more specific. Niche is most important part to focus on when starting a blog, because it will determine the direction of the posts.

Build your visitors list

If you are new, then it is great. You should get a list building solution almost immediately. Install a subscriber’s form plugin to collect emails of your blog visitors.

This may sound just like some more work, but when your start your blog you will realize the importance of this very point, it weights in millions.

Because great bloggers focus on building their list and customer base.

Example of things that can be sent to the subscriber: Newsletters, reports, ebook (free) and new products information. I recommend your use a good auto-responder to send the newsletters, it will help you schedule the newsletters, on dates of your choice and keep your subscribers posted.

Interesting Content

I would recommend writing interesting content, this is because if you are unable to grab the interest of your visitor then chances are that you will lose them.

What you want your visitors to do? You want them to take action, to fulfill the purpose of your hard work on a post. It is said that a nicely written content can grab attention of any niche type of visitor and it shows them that kind of value in the things that at first place they never intended to purchase.

(We will talk about monetizing the blog and the affiliate links in the next post, so stay tuned).

Now you are ready, to start in the rich world of blogging with endless possibilities.

Feel free to ask any questions you have, and I will be happy to help you.

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