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3 steps to overcome fear of writing and start writing

fear of writing

3 steps to overcome fear of writing and start writing

Once you have a subject and something to express all you need to do is write.

When you start writing, half the work is done, because the important thing you need is content.

Once you have that, it can be revised, edited and published.

When I was 20, my biggest weakness was writing.

I was full of ideas, but I could not express my thoughts on the papers.

Not only because I was shy, but also because I had no idea how to start.

Then one day I found old books in a box, that my brother was about to donate to charity.

He has completed the university and no longer wanted those books, so I picked one book that took my interest “English literature”.

Very plain title, isn’t it? I wanted to learn writing English essay or anything like that, but then, what I found inside changed everything about writing for me.

I found a handout, neatly placed on the front page of the book, as if it were freshly put there for me.

I looked at it; it was the literature teacher’s note to her students saying, “Start writing everything, your ideas, whatever comes to your mind”.

For a moment, I felt like she was talking to me.

I never read the Literature book, I remember, but I kept the handout always in front of me.

It was as if I woke up to a new life, in which I am confident about writing.

I started writing that very same day and outlined a story, which idea I had since many years, the dark story “Angel of Death, Bethoven”.

Follow this three-step process:

1. Think about a topic that you want to write on, it could be a blog post, article, a story or a research paper.

2. Start writing it, you can type it in word, starting with an outline and then adding more content to it.

3. Review the drafted content, re-arrange it, choice of words can be changed, and more information can be added if required (additionally statistic, report or pictures can be added).

This three step will help you start writing even if you had fear, you will overcome it, and by making attempt to start writing, you can become the best writer with some practice.

*Grabbing the attention of the reader and keeping the content interesting will be discussed in next post.

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