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What are keyswords?
The words that you type in the search bar to find information about are the keywords.

Why are they important?
It is important because if the right keywords (based on the company niche) are put in the content, it can attract the viewers looking for the information to find you.
This way, the online traffic to the website/blog or product increases.
If you are a home based online marketer and looking to boost your website ranking and business, then you should craft the power of keywords, because it all omes down to content of the site, that gets the clicks.
Below are the links of companies that are having keyword and niche finder tools. You may find this fasinating because they tools will give you the ideas how you can use and enhance your content and get triple or more the traffic that you used to have on your website!

Take advantage of these free tools and gain more knowledge on how you can enhance your site and generate more traffic.

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