Online Presence and why does it matter

Online Presence or Branding

It all starts with a purpose.

Here we are talking about your brand, that is about to go live.

We can’t expect that the brand name become big overnight, that’s not how anyone big became big.

These will little steady baby steps.

So, once the brand is ready, it should be publish on dedicated and professional looking websites.

Make sure that the profile is clear and complete.

Create a YouTube channel.

Post valuable content, pictures and videos regularly about the products / brand on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn.

These are the most common social networks names.

So now you must be thinking what it got to do with online presence?

A Lot!

What is Online Presence?

Online presence is the presence that can be found online.

For example, if we type “Lux Solo Ads” (this is name of my traffic business), and guess what?

First three results on that showed up in 0.22 seconds, directs to my business, through:-

  1. Website
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Pinterest Posts

Isn’t that good!

This simply means that when my audience wants to find my business page on www, they can find it in less than half second.

That is the power of online presence.

Why does it matter?

Online presence is important for the brand to be known online, without it the products become stale.

The whole purpose of creating a brand or a product is to sell it (which is why a product is created on the first place) to sell it or to spread it.

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That is why online presence help people find your product first when they search for it on www. Just like the example above.

How to create online presence?

  • Online presence can be created in easy steps:-
  • Create a professional website. Create a clear profile and give information about the product/s.
  • Create social media accounts to connect with your audiences.
  • Share value with your audiences through, pictures, videos and valuable content.
  • Use #hashtags for reference. Like and follow other successful people on social media sites.

Doing all the above with consistency will grow your audiences and flourish your business with time.

Hope this short and simple post provided value.

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