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We talked about why you should be optimizing your website, and once this is done, what are the other things to maintain its ranking?
When it comes to raking there are a lot of things that can be done, like keywords, which I will talk about in coming posts, which is also an essential routine to get your website appear in searches, not just ranking, but the keywords are responsible to make your website site content searchable.
The other things you need to do is updating your website and its content for ” keeping it fresh”.
It is important that the website is updated and optimized every once in 3 months (quarterly) so it does not get lost in oblivion. Who else can care to look at it is the owner does not. So keep adding valuable content to it and analyze its health.
To analyze the health of your website and SEO, you may use my top 2 favorite tools that I highly recommend.

Both sites provide free analysis report, they do have professional service, in depth analysis and other powerful tools. I am linking this to a post by SEO SiteCheckup, to understand why refreshing website is important for ranking. Hope you find this valuable.

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