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What is Attraction Marketing? I simple say, it is a super power!
If you know how to use use the power of attraction marketing, then  have got the ultimate power to concur any marketing guru on the WWW.
There was time when I under estimated the power of attraction marketing. After starting a new project, in which I did not see much return in the first month, I decided to record a video and add it to my funnel. It was my first ever video, since I started using computers! That is true, I never ever did a video before. But then, the moment I uploaded it on my funnel, something magical happened. I woke up to hundred of new subscribers!
That is what most of us marketers want, audience that takes action.
Attraction marketing, is not just a video of you, its a bonding between you and your audiences. You build trust through it.
🙂 I am sharing a few tips by
I like the tips that she had shared is because, they are straight to the point, important, few and simple that anyone can follow!

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