Forex Trading – Platform

One of my favorite activity is Trading, I can spend hours monitoring the market, and trading.
I started in the world of Forex by opening a trading account in 2006, I was new to the online trading platform. But as I educated myself about the trading terms and effects, and keeping the risks in mind, I started trading and the results were phenomenal.
Screenshot from 2014 report. (The figures grew with time, almost 8 years of dedicated hard work there.)
Some of the companies weren’t doing well at that time after the bursting of the bubble, however, slowly the marketing was recovering.

Today, I use trading app ( on my smartphone to monitor my trades on the go. There is a lot of guidance online, and tutorials by professional/fulltime traders, amazing platforms and broker services to make the trading even smoother.

Back then, in 2008, I have used sharewadi . com & oanda . com for my share/stock/currency trade researches.
These websites still serve great reports even today, however, there are many other websites that can help one gain as much knowledge to start trading with ease.

sharewise . com , XU . com to name a few.
Happy Trading!

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