Fear of Robots taking over the jobs

Two years ago, the top management were called for meeting.
These type of meetings continued for a while. Laura had a job at that time, she knew that top management frequent meetings are sign of change, big change.
And it was true. The head of department called for meeting with the department. The top management had instructions to relay the news to employees about the great “enhancement” project.
Laura knew the employees are going to work hard and participate with total enthusiasm in the enhancement project. she’d love to work had too and she love innovation, creativity and enhancements in whats already there. But in her mind she knew this project was more than enhancement.
This was information technology enhancement project. And this means that robots will do most the work. Not really. But systems will be automated, and that means most the work will be done through the systems.
Although, from business perspective this was to cut cost and having the advanced technologies like most competitors.
After the enhancements advanced, 25% of the employee were sent home in the first quarter.

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