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Online Visibility in Three Steps

Have you done your homework?
I know homework sounds NOT FUN, because it stops you from FUN. Not really! Homework is a learning stage, a progression, and something that gives you confidence that you can do things by yourself, in your own way, for yourself.
In business, similarly, if you do your homework, you learn something that will open paths to earn more money in less time.

If your business is at stand still, then there is something missing. That is your homework. Action!
So do your homework. How?
Forge your skills. What is one best skill you have? Widen it.
Learn more, do more and as results gain more.
Back in 1999, when I started building websites, I realize that I must have my own web page, with uniqueness. That if anyone at anytime from anywhere should type my PEN name, only my page and everything related to me should show in search results.
Then I did THREE things:

  1. I did the Branding (I chose the ART niche and got a pen name similar to my niche)
  2. I Joined (Forums – Eg. ezboards, Art Web Sites eg., I started posting and sharing my art works and art in progress, posted comments on others artwork, critics, etc…)
  3. I did the SEO. (The most important)

What happened then? since 2006 I haven’t used any of the forums or the arts websites, and STILL TODAY my pages show up in the search results on the first page.
I haven’t spent a $ to do this. I just used my skills.

Times have changed, internet is larger now than it used to be back in 90s or even in late 2000’s. Today there are over thousands of social platforms, and pretty much all the business are going online.
This gives you more opportunity to learn new things and become part of some of the great social platforms. (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter). You must have realized that everyone uses these platforms, famous people using these platforms for gaining social presence and business owners for promoting their business.
Whatever it is, the three tips that I listed above works even today, if you are willing to have your business, blog or personal pages noticed.

My advice is, learn more of something you are into, so well, that you become an expert!

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