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Beautiful Suicide – Seek Help

My second meeting on the subject (email follow up – psychological approach) with the most calm and nice person, and a psychologist.
While talking about business, I showed him what I thought was sad and sweet thing “Beautiful Suicide”. A picture of a beautiful lady that jumped to her death from empire building, sometime in 1940s. This photograph was taken 4 minutes after she had fallen.
He looked at the picture and said “What could have gone wrong in this beautiful girl’s life”
And I asked “Why would someone do this?”
And he answered, “This is the result of victim having zero value of herself” he said.
He added, “When you love someone and do not get back the same type of love, it disappoints you, and often when they are rejected.
Although, it was the first time he saw the picture, and after what he said made me curious to know the cause.
It was the same. We discussed more about the subject, about self value.
Suicide is a heart breaking subject (that many people go though), but a great discovery for me to learn.
He said to me that, this type of situation, in which one feel worthless can either break them or make them strong.
I asked, how is it possible to avoid suicide?
And he said, “By sleeping”. He smiled and then he said, one can not sleep when he/she is sad, but to avoid suicide, they need to divert their mind from what makes them sad.
We all have been at some point of life feeling worthless, this is the feeling that some people (that we value and love) gives us, they are responsible for this, YES, 100% responsible, because they are aware about our feeling, still they intentionally hurt us.
We need to help each those who are stuck in this dirty situation, we need to save beautiful souls that love.

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