Online Business – 3 Steps to repeat for Success

Dear Online Business Owner,
Welcome to online business. By now you must have found that how deep and vast this digital world is. Do not get overwhelmed by the information overloading on you. Relax.
Because I will be show you exactly what you NEED to do to be successful in your online business.
You need three things:
First you need to know what you are heading for.
Then you need to get the right tools.
And finally, you execute your plan.
By doing this, you can be successful.
Focus on your business, once you start your business, you will see many other opportunities offering quick success or easy money making products, things like that, do not get distracted by ‘easy come’ things. Because what is easy does not last. IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. And if easy opportunity can make you rich, then everyone would be rich? FOCUS on your goals!
Tools, that you need to keep watch on your stats and more. The most basic tools that you should have are:-
Let me explain what these are:
Tracking, you need to track your leads, where they are coming from.
Lead Capture, you need to capture your leads details, such as email. So you can communicate with them if they left your offer without looking into the value it have.
Autoresponder, to send newsletter or your interesting offer/ free products or discount (something of value) to people that were interested to know what you have for them and gave you their email, although they left without obtaining what you were offering.
Execution, is when you know your plan is set and your materials and tools are in place, that is when you will execute your plan. Then people will get to know your value product and want to buy it.
During this process, you need to have a positive mindset. You should believe in yourself and what you offer. People can sense it, if they see you are weak, they wouldn’t bother to look into what you have to offer. Build your confidence, keep yourself motivated, and believe in your offer, that it is most unique and best thing that the world is looking for.
If you have that confidence, then most the work is done. Be consistent, keep taking action, be persistent, keep enhancing your knowledge and using new ways to offer your opportunity or products.
This is the simplest way I can put what is required to do by online business owners.
Thank you for reading. I hope that this post has provided you with value.
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Hazel Al

Online Visibility in Three Steps

Have you done your homework?
I know homework sounds NOT FUN, because it stops you from FUN. Not really! Homework is a learning stage, a progression, and something that gives you confidence that you can do things by yourself, in your own way, for yourself.
In business, similarly, if you do your homework, you learn something that will open paths to earn more money in less time.

If your business is at stand still, then there is something missing. That is your homework. Action!
So do your homework. How?
Forge your skills. What is one best skill you have? Widen it.
Learn more, do more and as results gain more.
Back in 1999, when I started building websites, I realize that I must have my own web page, with uniqueness. That if anyone at anytime from anywhere should type my PEN name, only my page and everything related to me should show in search results.
Then I did THREE things:

  1. I did the Branding (I chose the ART niche and got a pen name similar to my niche)
  2. I Joined (Forums – Eg. ezboards, Art Web Sites eg., I started posting and sharing my art works and art in progress, posted comments on others artwork, critics, etc…)
  3. I did the SEO. (The most important)

What happened then? since 2006 I haven’t used any of the forums or the arts websites, and STILL TODAY my pages show up in the search results on the first page.
I haven’t spent a $ to do this. I just used my skills.

Times have changed, internet is larger now than it used to be back in 90s or even in late 2000’s. Today there are over thousands of social platforms, and pretty much all the business are going online.
This gives you more opportunity to learn new things and become part of some of the great social platforms. (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter). You must have realized that everyone uses these platforms, famous people using these platforms for gaining social presence and business owners for promoting their business.
Whatever it is, the three tips that I listed above works even today, if you are willing to have your business, blog or personal pages noticed.

My advice is, learn more of something you are into, so well, that you become an expert!

Beautiful Suicide – Seek Help

My second meeting on the subject (email follow up – psychological approach) with the most calm and nice person, and a psychologist.
While talking about business, I showed him what I thought was sad and sweet thing “Beautiful Suicide”. A picture of a beautiful lady that jumped to her death from empire building, sometime in 1940s. This photograph was taken 4 minutes after she had fallen.
He looked at the picture and said “What could have gone wrong in this beautiful girl’s life”
And I asked “Why would someone do this?”
And he answered, “This is the result of victim having zero value of herself” he said.
He added, “When you love someone and do not get back the same type of love, it disappoints you, and often when they are rejected.
Although, it was the first time he saw the picture, and after what he said made me curious to know the cause.
It was the same. We discussed more about the subject, about self value.
Suicide is a heart breaking subject (that many people go though), but a great discovery for me to learn.
He said to me that, this type of situation, in which one feel worthless can either break them or make them strong.
I asked, how is it possible to avoid suicide?
And he said, “By sleeping”. He smiled and then he said, one can not sleep when he/she is sad, but to avoid suicide, they need to divert their mind from what makes them sad.
We all have been at some point of life feeling worthless, this is the feeling that some people (that we value and love) gives us, they are responsible for this, YES, 100% responsible, because they are aware about our feeling, still they intentionally hurt us.
We need to help each those who are stuck in this dirty situation, we need to save beautiful souls that love.

Where to find High Quality Solo Ads Providers?

Are you starting a new online business from scratch?
Or, you already have an online business on which you have been working on so hard but after a few months, seeing no results, you are almost about to give up?
At this moment, you are wondering where all these people gets subscribers from while I struggle to get quality people look at my offer or blog.
Whether you’re creating a business or blog from scratch or struggling to attract enough traffic to your website, I would recommend you look for high quality and converting audience no matter what your niche is about you got to look for Udimi.
Udimi got most of the best solo ads vendors, that you can rely on to get people see your offer!
Udimi is the answer! What is Udimi?
Udimi is a platform in where the best solo ad vendors sell the high quality and converting clicks.
What is a Solo Ad?
A solo ad is a single mail sent to list of quality vendor’s subscribers, these people are basically interested in the opportunities, business, niche that provider of the solo ad had gained their email once they showed this interest. The vendor build their list of hungry subscribers and has built the trust that the subscribers believe the opportunities coming from the vendor will give them value and fortune.
Udimi is for you!
You should already get some clicks from Udimi to see how your subscribers list can start building. With solo ads from Udimi gave me 70%+ opts-in and 50% become subscribers. That is insane percentage to convert in just first run!
This is almost when I was thinking that MAYBE my landing page is not good enough. It is important, that your landing page should standout (I have a separate post on landing page, on how I mastered creating resistance free landing page from text content to design and sequence of slides. That works great with Facebook fan page and AdSense, without getting your advertisement rejected).
However, Udimi makes it simple. With Udimi, your landing page is reviewed (on request) by the vendor before they start your project.
And the vendors from ‘hall of fame’, will always make sure that your offer meets the high standards, because they do not want to advertise low quality offer to their list of subscribers.
One of the best thing about Udimi vendors is that they need your link and they offer to write the email for FREE for you.
So you no longer have to work of email. It is done for you.
Now that you are ready, with your great website and offer, let the Udimi solo ads provider send their list to it and watch the magic happen!
Lastly, do not forget to have your Auto-responder and tracking in place.
So you can see the quality and quantity of the traffic sent to your list AND capture the emails of your subscribers in order to provide them with value through your emails.

Blogging the Secret to Free Traffic

Blogging is a fantastic opportunity to generate free traffic and builds a solid base for your online business. It’s not a secret, every single online business depends exclusively on a massive amount of traffic to feed their sales.
If you aren’t getting traffic, your blog will be a deserted blog full of meaningless content.
However, if you’re getting traffic, your sales will increase, you’ll create a community on your blog and thus, you’ll start making your dreams come true.
People are creating thousands of blog every single day, but many of them failed because getting free traffic is not easy. When I tell people they have to improve their blogging skills in order to have a successful business they think I’m crazy.
There are many people in the world earning plenty of money just by using blogs as their primary source of traffic.
Blogs are one of the most visited websites on the internet, people love blogs and the histories they may be related to.
The secret is the value it has got for its viewers and of course the original content, something that the reader finds out of space and new!
You’ve probably known all the advantages blogging have for you, but what kind of strategy work would work the best?
Experts in Digital Marketing agreed that the secret to getting a massive amount of traffic every single month is by creating content that is valuable and also original.
A valuable content is intended to be helpful for everyone who looks at it. Also, a valuable content tries to fix a problem or doubt that visitors have, it can be a guide, a review, and infographic, whatever.
The only law for a valuable content it has to be helpful and appreciated by visitors.
Original content also perceives an important role because search engines hate and penalized all that repeated and plagiarized content.

Social Media and Unlimited Free Traffic

Technically speaking, unlimited is not possible, but the potential of social media is almost unlimited.
Let’s just look at the numbers, millions and millions of people around the globe are using at least one social media account at this very moment. Just look at the big picture, those millions of people can be redirected towards your brand and company as big companies are doing.
That’s truth, successful companies already know this and from several years from now. Sure, big companies have an impressive budget and a marketing team behind.
However, we can win this game of David and Goliath between you and big companies.
A matter of fact, is social media helping out all kind of entrepreneurs, regardless of their budgets.
That is incredibly advantageous for you, because Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter, all of them are willing to help you grow as a business for FREE.
Just play it smart!
There are firms with millions of dollars in the budget, that’s true. However, we can win them by creating unique, striking and valuable content that we need to be viral.
As you can tell, the viral content may come from anywhere, from a big company and its thousands of dollars of budget to you to simple and ambitious entrepreneur.
Rather than putting our efforts into a big and flaunt budget, we can play it smart and put our efforts into creating that valuable and viral content.
Social Media is the best source of free traffic in the entire world, it’s not something told by me, it’s told by experts around the world.
It’s all about you, but I would not like to get out of that profitable ship as is social media.

Why Facebook is an Amazing Source of Free Traffic

So, you’ve successfully started a blog or a website and it is not delivering the expected results.
Why does this happen? Probably because you lack enough traffic!
You’ve probably realized that your website is not receiving enough traffic. Don’t worry, online businesses may be complex, but there is a solution for any kind of problem, including this.
In order to attract more leads, more sales and definitely thrive as an online business, we need as much traffic as possible. In this article you’ll learn why you should aim efforts towards Facebook:
Facebook is still one of the most famous social media platforms.
Facebook is one of the oldest social media in this moment, it came first than Instagram and even Twitter.
However, nowadays it’s still one of the most used social media platforms around the globe, so the buzz is not going to end anytime soon.
Millions and millions of people use Facebook every single day, and its community of millions of people might be hooked up towards your online business.
Many businesses are using Facebook as a powerful internet marketing tool and you cannot miss the shoot.
It’s literally free.
What does really attract about Facebook, is its free potential for new online business. It doesn’t matter if companies are investing millions in advertising, if the content you’re creating is persuasive and striking, then you’ll get the traffic.
Facebook is one of the best social media platforms because it allows for any kind of business to grow steadily without paying a penny.
However, if you want to be promoted and your advertising exposed to more people, there are marketing plans specially designed for Facebook in which you have to pay.
And that is the option you can choose once you have made your presence enough for people to look into the service/products you want them to see when you PAY for Facebook Ads to generate traffic to your page.