Auto-Response – 3 Biggest Mistakes


What kind of emails attract you and get your attention?

John thought for a second and then asked me “What kind of emails immediately turns me off?”.

John is a Psychologist – Human Behavior (Personalities)

He explained, “if you write about your amazing offer, but the look of email is low class, then it will almost immediately get deleted, without even being read.”

He told me that he is a type of person who is least bothered to open an unfamiliar email and most the time deletes the emails that look spamy or that have opportunity offers without even reading them.

It is about Psychology. So typically, what kind of email can turns someone off?

No. 1 – Spelling mistakes.

Be very careful about spellings when making an email post. These days most programs have spell-check and auto-correct, and with all these ease if an email is containing spelling mistakes, then it means that the sender is writing trash for the sake of writing and sending garbage to their list. Such a shame.

This also creates a doubt, if the sender is genuine.

No. 2- Fonts & fancy colors.

Your email text should be consistent. If one paragraph is bold black and the other is italic pink, it looks unpleasant to read. The font size, color, and type should be consistent. Do not play around with your fonts trying to decorate your emails, because it looks silly.

No. 3- Making futile promises.

Lastly, do not make any futile promises in order to attract the prospective costumers may result in warding them off.

These are the three most important points to keep in mind when you are writing your auto-response emails.



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