All We Need Is Happiness


Are you with me?

I believe happiness is all we need. And happiness can be something as simple as watching your children at home playing board game together, or walking in garden, feeling air touching your face. It is something to be grateful for.

Like that smile of the child’s face when he sees his mother. That is happiness. The feeling of being cared for, protection, comfort…

I remember, looking at my 5 years bank statements. I have been paying my monthly installments (approx $2000/- per month) since 5 years, and counting remaining months that I have to pay. I wanted my installments get paid quickly and be free forever! I paid my monthly installments always on time. My bank marked me as privileged customer, eligible for life time credit card and other luxurious products, that I never really cared to register for, I just wanted to be free! The day I paid off the full loan, I was so super happy! I was relieved. That was a great form of happiness for me. I could spend now more on myself…and family…what a joy.

Enjoy the beautiful simple forms of happiness.

It is there, always with us.

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