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Like I said earlier, about what I am doing!
I been into network marketing business for a while. The company sold verities of products, expensive luxurious items ( I did not NEED those, but still I bought them for thousands of dollars), and it had terms to make commission! And they, like most MLM companies, wanted their reps to have faith and belief and have a great “millionaire mind set”. That is great, it does work to keep you motivated.
But for me, I wanted to know more, I wanted to do more and think less (I did not want to sit back and think that universe will do everything for me if I have that super belief). Even the Law of Attraction says “Think / Act / Receive”!
I am a practical person, I will LOVE to spend money on everything that is productive and usable!
(Do your reviews guys, work with business model that is best for you).
I don’t drink super detox teas or energy drinks. I don’t make power milk shakes or green shakes. I do not takes vitality pills or vitamins. I am normal human being, living a normal life. I do not want to be super woman by using those things. I want to be super woman, weighted by the knowledge I have and that I can share.
That is why I choose a business that allowed me to learn the things I need to run my business online. I have learned SEO and traffic generating to websites since 1998! and my company now provide great “deep” education on how I can master it! A great way to MASTER my skills! This knowledge helps anyone promotes brands/ or anything to be recognized worldwide!
Now I can have fun learning what I always wanted, and make great money by applying knowledge I am getting.
I want to share this video with you to know why WE are UNIQUE!
Start your journey with me.

Automated Email Marketing

An online business owners have great challenges, and even if they have the A-Z blueprints still they do struggle at each stage and that is when they discover what works best for them and their business.
It is because, we are all different from each other, and our businesses are different too. And so, you had challenge setting up the business, you have created all the promotional materials, and you have started to build your email list.
Although your mentor has coached you on building your email list, but it still took you weeks to get 50-100 subscribers. Now comes the next challenge. Writing follow up emails. You have a magical program that sends emails to your subscribers on days you choose, but you are struggling with writing the email content.
Let me tell, this is the most critical part for any business. Because your email list is your BIGGEST asset. Which means – no email list, no sales.
And since you managed to get email list (applause) and NOW it is time to send them the right emails for you to convert them into your customers.
After doing my research and trying what works, I have finally found something that does really works. Because there is  lot more than just words involved when writing emails, that is why I would like you to discover now what you may never have known otherwise.
The email writing guide that converts your subscribers to customers. All the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is follow this step by step guide and create emails that will get you sales!
Get it here right now! And overcome your fear of writing emails. Now you do not have to worry, and consider that you have overcome this challenge. Believe me this is the most critical part of business! If you have managed to follow up on your email subscribers, you will make MORE MONEY and SAVE MORE TIME!

Auto-Response – 3 Biggest Mistakes

What kind of emails attract you and get your attention?
John thought for a second and then asked me “What kind of emails immediately turns me off?”.
John is a Psychologist – Human Behavior (Personalities)
He explained, “if you write about your amazing offer, but the look of email is low class, then it will almost immediately get deleted, without even being read.”
He told me that he is a type of person who is least bothered to open an unfamiliar email and most the time deletes the emails that look spamy or that have opportunity offers without even reading them.
It is about Psychology. So typically, what kind of email can turns someone off?
No. 1 – Spelling mistakes.
Be very careful about spellings when making an email post. These days most programs have spell-check and auto-correct, and with all these ease if an email is containing spelling mistakes, then it means that the sender is writing trash for the sake of writing and sending garbage to their list. Such a shame.
This also creates a doubt, if the sender is genuine.
No. 2- Fonts & fancy colors.
Your email text should be consistent. If one paragraph is bold black and the other is italic pink, it looks unpleasant to read. The font size, color, and type should be consistent. Do not play around with your fonts trying to decorate your emails, because it looks silly.
No. 3- Making futile promises.
Lastly, do not make any futile promises in order to attract the prospective costumers may result in warding them off.
These are the three most important points to keep in mind when you are writing your auto-response emails.
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All We Need Is Happiness

Are you with me?
I believe happiness is all we need. And happiness can be something as simple as watching your children at home playing board game together, or walking in garden, feeling air touching your face. It is something to be grateful for.
Like that smile on the child’s face when he sees his mother. That is happiness. The feeling of being cared for, protection, comfort…
I remember, looking at my 5 years bank statements. I have been paying my monthly installments (approx $2000/- per month) since 5 years, and counting remaining months that I have to pay. I wanted my installments get paid quickly and be free forever! I paid my monthly installments always on time. My bank marked me as privileged customer, eligible for life time credit card and other luxurious products, that I never really cared to register for, I just wanted to be free! The day I paid off the full loan, I was so super happy! I was relieved. That was a great form of happiness for me. I could spend now more on myself…and family…what a joy.
Enjoy the beautiful simple forms of happiness.
It is there, always with us.

Thoughts controls Us

Always eliminate the sad thoughts, by doing something cheerful.

Sad thoughts are often the ones that destroys a good human, they are often given by the one they are most attached to.

Try not to think! Do something good, listen to music or watch something nice.

Then get back to work. Remember, a focused man or woman have control on their life. They control their thoughts and they try not to get distracted.

Women’s Guide to Man’s Heart – Make Him Fall Head Over Heels

This may sound out of the world topic, but back in 2014, when I sat wondering why I didn’t have any luck in finding my Mr. Right, I found out that I was not the Ms. Right yet.
Yes, I didn’t know why everyone was distant despite being told that I am beautiful and desired.
Then one quite evening, I was browsing through google to find something that would help me attract what I wished for and I stumbled on this e-book.
In this ebook I found out great tips to help me find what I was looking for.
But that’s not all, this magical book also have great tips on how a lady can make him hers and keep him for her forever. “Forever”! Yes, that’s what most women want. To be with that one man forever. This book helped me and so I share this little secret with other ladies 😉
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Adsense Tip

Your Adsense ad was not approved and now you are wondering how others can do it and why you can not?
It is because others know how to do it. And now you too can pay attention on the little details and get your ad approved!
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Email Crafting Skills – Auto Response – Increase Email Open Rate

These days I am working on follow up emails! If you do not know, then let me tell you about it…sending write type of emails is the strongest part of your whole business.
If you emails are bad, people wouldn’t like to work with you!. Very Clear right? This is the facts.
So back to the point why I wanted to share this link is because this author has explained how you can create attractive emails to get attention and speaks about great offer.
Check it out here.