Quality vs Quantity!

Very important ! Always Quality is important!

I will give you an example:

when I came to know about fiverr, I purchased about 10,000 clicks and they were really cheap costing only up to $10 and on the same day I purchased 50 clicks from Udimi, that cost me up to $49. You can see the huge difference isn’t it.

But this is not all what happened next was crazy.

My clicks tracker which is clickmagick sent me a notification that I was receiving clicks more than the allowed clicks as per my plan with them. They also gave me a solution that they will allow 20% more clicks then my plan and if I exceed 20% clicks then automatically they will upgrade my plan.

I was dazed and I was wondering why was I receiving so many clicks and nothing was converting, my offer has been very attractive and my landing page usually converts. The reason why my clicks very wasted was because I was receiving extremely low quality clicks from Fiverr!

And this could interrupt with my quality clicks from Udimi.

So I had to upgrade my plan and my Udimi click convert up to 33%, which is very good, and fiverr campaign is still on with 0% conversations and 0% quality.

Great lesson learned! Alway choose Quality!

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