I want to go back to my childhood days

I am sure most people at one point in their life remember their childhood and wish to go back. If this ever was possible, I’d go at least for a day, relive my childhood.
Only if that were possible.
While I listened to “All I Need” by Air, it reminds me of days, some 20 years ago… the fragrance, the weather, the faces… all clear in my mind, if I could produce a hologram of my thoughts, that could be seen and felt, they would be as crystal clear and fresh. Those days were my best days, so much was there to be explored.
This song played in my head, till today, it takes me back to 1998, the year I got wedded.
So much has happened. Just one day, if I could go back in time. RIP – Husband.
But I guess we shall meet again, beyond time.

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