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Have you been struggling to get your website traffic?
This has been my struggle too, I wanted to be seen on YAHOO.COM first page. And naturally I followed a few simple steps like:- having a unique website name, representing single focused intend (niche), to get my website listed, in fact standout on the entire WWW! But that was back in 1999, and internet was still young and rapidly growing.
Talking about now, 2017!, things are different. Now there is more work to be done to get your website noticed, it is not rocket science, but its not a child’s play!. You need a little knowledge and some guidance to get that golden place on world wide web!
That is why I have looked for most simplest and straight to point list that will help the result you are looking for. Find it our here.

Expert Secrets – Russell Brunson

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Quality vs Quantity!

Quality vs Quantity!
Very important ! Always Quality is important!
I will give you an example:
when I came to know about fiverr, I purchased about 10,000 clicks and they were really cheap costing only up to $10 and on the same day I purchased 50 clicks from Udimi, that cost me up to $49. You can see the huge difference isn’t it.
But this is not all what happened next was crazy.
My clicks tracker which is clickmagick sent me a notification that I was receiving clicks more than the allowed clicks as per my plan with them. They also gave me a solution that they will allow 20% more clicks then my plan and if I exceed 20% clicks then automatically they will upgrade my plan.
I was dazed and I was wondering why was I receiving so many clicks and nothing was converting, my offer has been very attractive and my landing page usually converts. The reason why my clicks very wasted was because I was receiving extremely low quality clicks from Fiverr!
And this could interrupt with my quality clicks from Udimi.
So I had to upgrade my plan and my Udimi click convert up to 33%, which is very good, and fiverr campaign is still on with 0% conversations and 0% quality.
Great lesson learned! Alway choose Quality!
Always reasonable, never cheap!

I want to go back to my childhood days

I am sure most people at one point in their life remember their childhood and wish to go back. If this ever was possible, I’d go at least for a day, relive my childhood.
Only if that were possible.
While I listened to “All I Need” by Air, it reminds me of days, some 20 years ago… the fragrance, the weather, the faces… all clear in my mind, if I could produce a hologram of my thoughts, that could be seen and felt, they would be as crystal clear and fresh. Those days were my best days, so much was there to be explored.
This song played in my head, till today, it takes me back to 1998, the year I got wedded.
So much has happened. Just one day, if I could go back in time. RIP – Husband.
But I guess we shall meet again, beyond time.

Website or Blog – Improve your Site Ranking

Are you providing value to your readers?
If you want loyal people to read your post or buy your products then you have to provide them value in exchange. That’s that deal!
But what happens if you have value and no one really knows? Your product is worth nothing! No one knows your product, then your product is non – existent.
There are many ways to get your product known, and I know you are always looking better way to get your product known to as many people as you could. Yes, to know more, one will learn more, that is why I would like to share with you this amazing article, that will explain everything (in simple words) you want to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Example: I have been posting a lot about traffic these days, using the right keywords, that now my post are ranked on the first page of Google! *_* not bad, right?!
Similarly, you can too get your posts promoting your business get recognized through SEO.
Read the Article Here.

Thoughts controls Us

Always eliminate the sad thoughts, by doing something cheerful.
Sad thoughts are often the ones that destroys a good human, they are often given by the one they are most attached to.
Try not to think! Do something good, listen to music or watch something nice.
Then get back to work. Remember, a focused man or woman have control on their life. They control their thoughts and they try not to get distracted.

Traffic! Web-traffic! This had become my favorite Word!

I really hated traffic on my way to work, traffic is a punishment for those that leave home late, and if this is something one have to go through daily, it becomes a curse. It makes one think to stop working and spend more time at home.
And then, after all the trouble, seeing faces of people you wish you never known.
Anyway, TRAFFIC! Is now my favorite word, whenever I find ANYTHING related to traffic, it gets my full attention. WHY, because in Online Business, traffic is your consumers. And consumers are always welcome as many as more than possible.
If you own an Online Business, you WILL find this article valuable.
Read The Article Here

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