Life is precious! Save it.

You are stuck in an emotional situation and you feel alone and unhappy. You no more find life to be interesting anymore. You feel alone in family gathering and while others laugh and enjoy their time, you are sitting by yourself thinking about that reason, if you had that one thing (or person)in life, you would be the happiest human ever!

Depression or anxiety, you don’t know what’s up with your head! Alright stop!

World is a beautiful place, and your life is a precious gift! Why should anyone want to destroy it! No one who left you intent to destroy it. It’s not them, it’s the loneliness that is destroying you! Get out of it!

I attached a picture of plants here. Look at them. These plants were distributed and their owners couldn’t take care of them. They were left dying. Too much watered and not watered at all. They were just dying! So I collected all of them and touched them and balanced their water diet ! They look better and happier . Not totally healthy but better!

Always treat yourself too, when down, like you would treat someone like you in same state!


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