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A Sci-Fi Short Movie *EMMA*

Back in 2014, I used to get strangest messages from a person (I will not mention his name here), all related to sci-fi and scientists. I couldn’t understand 70% of his speech, most the time I couldn’t dare to reply him, not to sound stupid or too genius. Because his level of thinking was, out of the world, crazy.
Also, because he had so many arguments with so many people in science field, and they cared to respond to his insanity.
Then one day he suddenly disappeared, I couldn’t find him. I only read his old messages many times, and looked at his picture, that I secretly took (screen capture) but then he slowly he slipped out of my mind.

Short Sci-Fi Movie

After almost two years, I remembered him and wanted to know what’s going on with him. So, after thinking hard to remember his name, I did. I looked for him on www and found that he has liked some videos on YouTube.
Sci-Fi Short Movie
This is one the movie, that he has showed interest in, and I wanted to share it.

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