يحيى – Yahya – Arts

Yahya Ahmed is a Graduate of Deakin University, in Law.
He is also an amazing artist and a writer.
His art makes me think, because it is so mixed and mind stimulating, that every time I see his art piece I become lost in imagination and it’s beauty.
Tear of a Clown, just like me, the bird put a tear because no one know what she is inside. Sadder Than Sad. Smile on my face is good idea to avoid attention. Attention makes things worse 🙂
Painting on the Wall, of a City Towers in imagery mode.  Probably of Dubai.

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What are the best practices?
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In my next posts I will publish reviews of products that generates traffic.
Feel free to share your products or review products that gave you results.

Life is precious! Save it.

You are stuck in an emotional situation and you feel alone and unhappy. You no more find life to be interesting anymore. You feel alone in family gathering and while others laugh and enjoy their time, you are sitting by yourself thinking about that reason, if you had that one thing (or person)in life, you would be the happiest human ever!
Depression or anxiety, you don’t know what’s up with your head! Alright stop!
World is a beautiful place, and your life is a precious gift! Why should anyone want to destroy it! No one who left you intent to destroy it. It’s not them, it’s the loneliness that is destroying you! Get out of it!
I attached a picture of plants here. Look at them. These plants were distributed and their owners couldn’t take care of them. They were left dying. Too much watered and not watered at all. They were just dying! So I collected all of them and touched them and balanced their water diet ! They look better and happier . Not totally healthy but better!
Always treat yourself too, when down, like you would treat someone like you in same state!


A Sci-Fi Short Movie *EMMA*

Back in 2014, I used to get strangest messages from a person (I will not mention his name here), all related to sci-fi and scientists. I couldn’t understand 70% of his speech, most the time I couldn’t dare to reply him, not to sound stupid or too genius. Because his level of thinking was, out of the world, crazy.
Also, because he had so many arguments with so many people in science field, and they cared to respond to his insanity.
Then one day he suddenly disappeared, I couldn’t find him. I only read his old messages many times, and looked at his picture, that I secretly took (screen capture) but then he slowly he slipped out of my mind.

Short Sci-Fi Movie

After almost two years, I remembered him and wanted to know what’s going on with him. So, after thinking hard to remember his name, I did. I looked for him on www and found that he has liked some videos on YouTube.
Sci-Fi Short Movie
This is one the movie, that he has showed interest in, and I wanted to share it.

Look for your Mentor – To be successful in your online business!

Good morning world,
Online business world never sleeps! What have you been doing to earn while you sleep?
It was great to see income pouring in while I slept, and in morning I’m eager to see my clickbank account show my earnings! It wasn’t easy, but believe me, it wasn’t rocket science or impossible! Everything is possible, IF you have time to invest, will to succeed!
I have invested 25K $ and hundreds of hours to obtain my certificates in HR. I feel honored to be certified HR professional, however, these certificates sits now in the shelf of my home office. They didn’t serve because there are no jobs available in the corporate market! That’s what the job agencies said.

So, before I could invest more $$ to get a great job, why not invest in trainings that teaches me to be independent! I chased a mentor, a successful online business entrepreneur, a mentor and a very kind lady! She helped me invest rightly in system that works for her, it works now for me amazingly!

Love for Technology

 Thank you for visiting my blog!   I promise I will be posting a lot about  products that are used by successful online business owners.

This afternoon while I was driving back to home  I told to my sister who was sitting next to me that I have started to earn residual income through my online business,  and she replied back to me that I am good with technology that’s why I will make good earnings. Although I know that it is the reality that every online business Entrepreneur should have tec skills to connect the dots and activate the whole system,  and watch as it pays back.
Believe me this is not rocket science this is very simple things that anyone can learn. Only that we have to evolve while world around us evolves.
Let’s take the example of 2002, in this year I used to build the HTML websites, flash animations and fan pages. Who on earth knows the Flash Players now! Well webmasters knows! I had a subscription page, where people subscribed to get updates on my anime fan page! People are making money selling their lists these days!
However, in 2005, I had to distance myself from the online world. This was because life was on a 360 degree turn, I was going through personal issues and separation!
And then when I got back to the world of www in 2008 things were totally changed! In just short time! Internet was no longer the same, and I met with Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, nothing was so html anymore.
But one thing I knew, that now there is a lot to learn, perhaps just by using it. In fact, at that time, I still did not have interest in creating something, all I wanted to explore the new things.
At this point of life, I believe that everyone should take advantage of internet, because this is the future of most businesses (traditional or online) all must use the eCommerce platform.
Furthermore, one important thing that I would love to speak about and share a lot of things about personal development, it is very important for every person to develop their thoughts and skills and continue to do so.
There were times when I thought I have enough information, but information itself is not enough, one should be knowledgeable and most importantly aware of himself what he lacks and fill those gaps.
Seek for great things around you and you WILL find everything that’s good for you.
Since I realize that there are many new things yet to be discovered to add up to my knowledge, in some spots, I have opened up my mind to find them, use them, and get value out of them.
This is what it is all about.
I am sharing a wonderful quote with you here:-
“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor E Frankl
I never knew what it meant till it happen to me. My situation wasn’t changing, that’s when I realize there is an action required to trigger change.
Always know that when everything seem to shut down for you, there is something great coming your way!
So never shut yourself down, especially when you feel down or it feels like end of the world, keep faith, and move forward, SEEK, there are solutions waiting to be embraced by you.
Enjoy and relax!